About A Bed

This may seem like a strange dog bed and that’s because it’s not a dog bed at all.

In the wooferderg home, before the days of Duke, we had a beloved beagle named Cody. In his last days he had a very hard time getting on and off the furniture, even with stairs. To help him remain comfortable, and maintain access to a soft bed without help, I altered a baby crib. That crib has turned out to be the most useful dog bed I’ve ever tried.

The nice thing baby cribs is you can adjust the height of the mattress on most of them. So after I cut the legs off of this crib and removed one side I was still able to adjust the height of the crib mattress from all the way to the ground to up almost a foot.

When Cody needed it I put it all the way to the ground, but now we have it raised a bit for Rain. Sometimes she gets achy and likes a bed instead of a couch. Since she is a lot taller than a beagle leaving the mattress higher is fine for her and still lets me clean under the bed easily. The crib frame provides the stability of any normal piece of furniture so it’s not uncommon to find all three snuggling together on the crib-bed same as the couch or our human bed.

It’s my opinion that using a converted crib bed as a senior pet bed is a wonderfully functional option. Crib mattresses are typically waterproof or water resistant, so accidents are nothing to worry about. The mattresses are usually four to six inches thick and supported by the wire frame underneath, giving dogs a bed that is comfortable but resists typical dog bed wear. The ability to continue altering it based on the changing needs of your pet family makes it a practical long term investment. It also travels well. When we moved I was able to disassemble it easily and transport it tethered to the top of our SUV.

So far none of the wooferdergs have tried to chew it or drag it around, which is also unheard of for a floor dog bed.

Used cribs are easily found on many craigslist style sites and most big box stores sell them new for not much more than the cost of a luxury orthopedic dog bed you’d buy at a pet store. It takes a little elbow grease to retrofit it for your dog but I did it the whole job with a hand saw and the hex key provided in the crib assembly kit.

Place felt pads under the spots where the legs once were for added floor protection and ease of cleaning.

Even just setting a crib mattress directly on the floor can be very helpful for senior dogs. Particularly for large breed ones who need a bed larger than those normally carried at pet stores. We have a second crib mattress dog bed for Rain in our bedroom closet. We call it Rain’s room. It’s her special place to hide out when she is sick of everyone or doesn’t want to sleep on our bed.

Retrofitted cribs and crib mattresses are a great option for giving your geriatric pets a comfortable and accessible place to sleep.