Vacuum Dog

Dog owners know the pain. It’s a common refrain: I vacuum up so much dog hair, I could make another dog.”

So this time, with the help of Photoshop, I did. I came up with the idea while vacuuming.Look closely, you can see dog hair, toy fuzz, and disembodied plastic. Here’s the original photo:

Not awe inspiring, but definitely a dog’s life.

I hate vacuuming, but you wouldn’t know it by the number of vacuums in my house.

I have six if you count the living ones.

I will never match the natural vacuum skills of my dogs. As is often the case, immediately after I was done vacuuming up this little Photoshop project, a significant amount of shredded cheese that was destined for the trash ended up on the kitchen floor. Moments later is was as though the cheese shreds never existed.

I’m fairly certain the dogs enjoy vacuuming more than I do.