Funny: PPD, A dog owner’s scourge!

So today was poop-pick-up day.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, PPD is the day people with small yards and large and/or many dogs battle their gag reflex and desire to die as they rabidly curse while picking up the accumulated fecal matter left behind by their fur family.

Typically the process involves scrutinizing every inch of yard for offending piles while said fur family watches you from a comfy napping spot with entertained expressions on their faces. They often assist the process by waiting until you have removed every last pile and tied the bag to drop a steaming hot fresh one.

Poop-pick-up day is the one and only good argument against dog ownership and is often able to make you question your desire to keep living as well.

If you manage to complete the process without the all too regular and incredibly nightmarish poop bag breech, you will still have post traumatic nostril syndrome, a debilitating disorder where you smell ghost poop everywhere for hours and sometimes even days.

So please friends, if you know someone with a small yard and large and/or many dogs, have some sympathy for their ongoing struggle with PPD. These are the unsung heroes of fecal collection.