About Us

The wooferdergs are a pack of three special canines (and occasionally me, their mom). Our antics can be found here at Wooferdergs.com, on our YouTube channel Woofer Dergs and on Facebook @Wooferdergs.

But you want to know specifics about these fun furry pals, so here are their bios:

Rain, the Lady of the House. Coonhound, matriarch and all around contented living furniture decor. She’s in her golden years but still has a little fire in that barrel belly. She keeps her young brothers in line and is legendary for her sweet demeanor with visitors, especially children.


Chance, the Rescue. A coonhound mix, Chance came to us entirely by chance. On a trip to PetCo for dog food one day we found ourselves in the midst of an adoption event. One look from his big sad eyes and we were goners. He’s 80 pounds of the purest, sweetest most unapologetic love you could ever hope to know, and he was abandoned with his litter-mates in a cardboard box during an ice storm. Every day he looks at me like I’m the greatest person on the planet and every day it reminds me to try and be the person that deserves such devotion.


Duke, our beagle, is the youngest of the group. Duke is happiness. It’s a beagle thing. He inspires playfulness in everyone in the house. He’s also not above getting on the kitchen table to steal food. It’s a beagle thing. He will also follow you from room to room until you get all your chores done just waiting to settle in on your lap when you finally sit down to watch some TV. This too is a beagle thing.


My thing? Well, my thing (as if you couldn’t already tell) is dogs. Not puppies, not kittens, but dogs. Those little furballs are cute for sure, but to me dogs are pure fully developed enduring goodness. My dream is to someday open a sanctuary for beagles abandoned in old age. For now, it’s my dogs that give me sanctuary. Perhaps they can give you a little as well. 🙂

That little chocolate guy up in the corner is Cody. He’s the unforgettable beagle that started it all. He spent many years training me to be the doggie mom I am today. 😉