Funny: PPD, A dog owner’s scourge!

So today was poop-pick-up day. For those of you who are unfamiliar, PPD is the day people with small yards and large and/or many dogs battle their gag reflex and desire to die as they rabidly curse while picking up the accumulated fecal matter left behind by their fur family. Typically the process involves scrutinizing…

About A Bed

This may seem like a strange dog bed and that’s because it’s not a dog bed at all.

In the wooferderg home, before the days of Duke, we had a beloved beagle named Cody. In his last days he had a very hard time getting on and off the furniture, even with stairs. To help him remain comfortable, and maintain access to a soft bed without help, I altered a baby crib. That crib has turned out to be the most useful dog bed I’ve ever tried.

Vacuum Dog

Dog owners know the pain. It’s a common refrain: I vacuum up so much dog hair, I could make another dog.”

So this time, with the help of Photoshop, I did. I came up with the idea while vacuuming.Look closely, you can see dog hair, toy fuzz, and disembodied plastic. Here’s the original photo: