VIDEOS: Dogs versus Snow

We’re getting quite the winter storm. Rain wanted to go out so I set about shoveling a path off the deck. Before I could finish she decided to back out of the deal, (I can’t blame her) but the boys were brave enough to try and play. Duke reconsidered his decision when he stepped out…

Video: Living Room Fetch Hero

Duke is the most playful pup in the wooferderg home. It’s not exactly a difficult title to achieve when your siblings are a geriatric coonhound, and a elder brother desperate to escape being dragged around the house by his collar. (The beagle does it, not me.) But he takes the competition seriously none the less. Here he is getting his fetch on with me when all the other dogs were lights out. 🙂

VIDEO: Rain isn’t Impressed

Rain loves her brothers but that doesn’t stop her from being completely disgusted by their juvenile behavior! Here she is watching them wrestle from her perch on the couch. She demands lovies from mom for having to put up with such silly boys in the house.

VIDEO: Beagle Trains Owner

I have to hand it to my dogs, they’ve been patiently working with me for years. Here is some footage of Duke training me to respond to play.

Video: Love Buddies

Chance and Duke are tightly bonded. Sometimes it seems they barely need us silly humans. Here is a moment of pre-bedtime zen..